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Chemical Free Hair Repair

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Hair Repair Spa

This deep conditioning hair spa features nourishing natural ingredients, such as Milk Protein, Pure Honey and Fenugreek. It has been formulated keeping different hair types in mind, and it functions to infuse the length of the hair with much-needed nutrients to leave it shiny, smooth, and strong. This Biotin-rich hair spa is specially developed for damaged, colour-treated hair that also fixes brittle hair strands as well and gets rid of frizziness. This deep conditioning product heals the damaged portions of the hair as its key ingredients include natural oils, lipids and conditioning agents that leave the hair healthy from roots to tips.

Hair Repair Spa is the additional step of the hair care routine for healthy and shiny tresses.

This hair masque is good for your hair in a number of ways:

This hair repair mask is formulated to get rid of the dullness and dryness of hair, making it shiny and smooth.
It boosts the nutrients in the hair follicles and provides nutrients to the roots to promote healthy hair growth.
It strengthens hair roots and heals the scalp. It prevents itchiness and dandruff to prevent hair fall.
This product with the goodness of Honey, Milk, Fenugreek and Biotin helps to give the hair unparalleled shine and keeps it frizz free.

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