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Delivery Information

We pledge to always treat you and your team with respect. We will never charge you unexpected fees or conduct needless labour, and we will always keep you "in the loop." In summary, as partners in our joint success, we shall treat you fairly and honestly.

What is the approximate time of delivery?

Most orders are shipped within 1-4 business days (excluding Sundays and public holidays)

Despite the fact that we keep 95% of our catalogue in stock, certain products must be sourced directly from the brand in order for us to keep our promise of supplying fresh, non-expired products.


While we make every effort to avoid it, these items may cause a delay in your delivery.

Due to increasing volume, deliveries may be delayed if you order our products during a Mega Sale event. We plan to ship all orders within 5 days of receiving them. Your products are meticulously inspected once our system processes your order to ensure they are in great condition. They are packed and given out to our trusted delivery partner after passing the final round of quality control.

The package is then delivered to you as soon as feasible by our delivery partners. They will contact you to rectify the issue if they are unable to reach your stated address or at a convenient time.

Refunds will be processed within 14 working days after the order's placement.

Customers who live in Japan do not have to pay any delivery expenses.

If the customer is from outside of Japan, we will just receive the order and send an email with instructions on how to pay, ship, and calculate the rate later.